August 2020

Hello August!  Wow the dog days of summer are upon us!  I hope everyone is staying cool at this time, yet still enjoying the days of summer.  I know we have been enjoying our backyard this summer and having to turn the heat down on the hot tub to enjoy it more as a warm tub!  It's been nice to have at least some kind of relief from the heat at night.

Business has been steadily picking up with opportunities to photograph a building this past month, which I really enjoyed!  Now is the time to update all your business marketing and capture that audience!  So if you know of anyone who needs a great photo of their business storefront or place of business I'd be grateful for a referral!  Along those same lines I've been busy doing business and branding portraits for some local business too! All in all things are picking up and I'm extremely grateful for those who are supporting my small business - THANK YOU!!!

Now...a CALL FOR MODELS!  I'm also going to be starting an Artist Project this month where I want to photograph Bird Dogs and their companions!  I'll be posting a form that you can share with anyone you might know that would be great subjects to photograph of these beautiful trained dogs and their hunters. I'm going to be producing this project on Black and White Sheet Film in the Studio and I'll have some examples on the form to show what I'm envisioning.  

FALL FAMILY PORTRAIT TIME IS NOW!!  I think in light of the current pandemic environment we better start to plan them sooner rather than later!  So please click the link to schedule an appointment with me and let's get you on the books to get those portraits done.  Families are one of my specialties and I'd love to photograph yours. I guarantee you'll love your portrait!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I can not wait to create a masterpiece portrait for you!





Want to look great anytime you are having your picture taken?  Here are a couple of things that you can do to always look sensational whether it's a snap shot or working with a professional photographer like me.  These little tips will make a huge difference and you can actually look in the mirror and see for yourself!

First - don't lean back - the camera will not hurt you!  Well it might add additional visual weight to you if you lean back, and that might hurt.  Instead, what you want to do is always push your face slightly forward. Why?  Well, this is a science thing dealing with optics - anything closer to the camera, even a few inches, will appear larger and conversely anything slightly further away will look smaller.  Generally we want the face and eyes to look larger and the rest of the body to look smaller, unless you know someone with a "Big Head" then have them lean back!  No - don't do that! -  So small heads on large bodies just doesn't look right!  Plus there is the whole double chin thing that can happen when you lean your head back - don't believe me go look in the mirror and pull your head back and look at your neck.  Then push your forehead forward and watch those double chins disappear - Magic and no photoshop required!  You're welcome!!

Second,  Look to the light!  What does this mean?  Find where the major source of light is coming from when your having your picture taken and turn your head slightly towards it!  You'll take visual weight off your face!  Now if you look away from it, well the opposite happens and we don't want that to happen to you!  Of course, we all know that when light comes straight at us it's flat and without personality and character and that's ok for snapshots and selfies.  Don't worry if you don't get this concept - I DO and that's why you need to come see a professional like me for those really important portrait opportunities!  I will adjust your pose so you "look to the light" to make you look your best.  You can count on me to get that right for you and one less thing on your check list to have to worry about!

I hope these little tips help you look better in the every day picture opportunities you find yourself in, and remember me for the really important ones!


Thank you again for supporting my small business with all that has been happening in this crazy year of 2020.  I'm in my 17th year as a small business owner and 10th year running it full time.  

It's been a real honor and privilege to witness so many wonderful family moments and preserve them in print.  I'm very fortunate that I'm able to continue on with business after this extraordinary and historic economic shutdown the past few months, as so many small businesses perished from it.  

So I thank you for your amazing support over the past 17 years and especially this one, and urge you to continue to support local and small business whenever you can!  

I can't wait to see you in the studio again real soon!


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