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Pete will be your guide in fulfilling your your vision of a treasured heirloom portrait.

A master crafted portrait of you or your loved ones visual history is at the core of every exposure Pete makes.  He has found that meeting his clients in person prior to producing their portrait goes a long way to assuring that goal is met.

The experience of working with Pete will begin with the in person portrait design consultation.  You will meet with Pete to discuss a variety topics that are important to the creation of your portrait.

You will discuss location be it in one of the many parks that Washoe County offers, or location that holds a special part in the subjects life, or it could be a fine art portrait study done in studio.

He will then ask questions about each of the subjects that will be in the portrait, ranging from what their interests might be, to if there is something they are self concisious about.  He'll explain how he will pose and light the subjects to look their best and give some tips on how to relax and enjoy your portrait experience.

Pete will then go over and provide you with a wardrobe brochure on what types of clothing photograph well and what clothing can be problematic for custom portraiture.

Lastly, two appointments will be set.  One for the production of your portrait and another approximately 2-3 weeks later for an in person proofing and purchasing appointment.

Creating a portrait that will be enjoyed for this lifetime and the generations that follow is Pete's number one goal.